Notes on Hoffmann’s Under the Ether Dome

Good writing AND bad writing

“Internship” meaning

“While a new intern …” Sentence logic


“Being changed”

“None of us … we …” speaking for group.

“of fact and fiction” – why fiction? – BAD?

“A moveable feast” reference – BAD?

“the secret and the meaning of life” – BAD?

Pressure of “living up to” illustrious past?
Post-lecture awe?

The body’s “sheer consistency eluded the changefulness our formulas presupposed” – Logic?

Effect of studying anatomy on how you look at people?

Dissection as a cathartic experience!
/ sadness … “abusing what used to be the substance of a person … the sacred province of a life”  >>> “All of us, I think, felt a growing sense of guilt”

Tumours – “taken us beyond the realm of the abstract … personified” – a story.

“what governs the fate of the human body politic” – BADly chosen images

asking questions that have no answers …

(ROSE-TINTED view of all the classes, nostalgitis.)

Literature & Medicine


“The experience was worth more than a hundred lectures.”

SIDES with patient! “It was as if he had won a contest with the professor. Patients so often seem ilke underdogs… I instinctively sensed a need to take their side.”

Taking themselves too seriously …

O.R. experience

Is it believable?



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