Eva Ekvall (RIP) candid photos in Fuera de Foco (Out of Focus) credited with surge in women having checkups

[From an article in the Guardian some time back >] The book, Fuera de Foco (Out of Focus), chronicles the former Miss Venezuela’s battle with breast cancer, a gruelling eight-month regime of chemotherapy, radiation and mastectomy. It has broken taboos about female beauty and moved breasts from the realm of aesthetics to that of health and disease.

Her blunt and in some places breezy description of the disease, mastectomy and reconstructive surgery has made the book a bestseller in just two months and attracted a media spotlight.

“When I got sick and knew my breasts were sick it’s like I didn’t want them any more. I wasn’t fond of them. I was angry at them. So getting rid of them, even though it was horrible because I had all these scars, meant I felt better.

“It’s painful to look at yourself in the mirror. Your face gets swollen. You lose every single hair in your body – your eyebrows, your eyelashes. You become some weird animal or something, you don’t recognise yourself. That was scary. Especially because my job has to do with my looks. I had to look decent and not appear sick.”


One thought on “Eva Ekvall (RIP) candid photos in Fuera de Foco (Out of Focus) credited with surge in women having checkups

  1. It is so touching that i do not have words to express myself. when i am reading what Miss Eva has written i could understand what she had gone through and i think that even when she was sick she was still beautiful and strong, for me she will be always beautiful.

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