The Worth Library in Dr Steevens’ Hospital

The Worth Library in Dr Steevens’ Hospital is a treasure trove of medical texts stretching back to the 15th century

EVER WONDERED if there was an antidote if you came down with a bad case of bubonic plague? Or how TB and venereal disease were treated before antibiotics and streptomycin came along?
The answers lie in a perfectly preserved 300-year-old library hidden away in the unlikely location of the HSE headquarters in Dr Steevens’ Hospital in Dublin.

Stepping into the Worth Library, with its original oak-stained, glass-fronted bookcases and a portrait of its owner, Edward Worth, peering down magisterially on the specially designed east-facing room, is not just to step back in time, but to inhabit the mind of a passionate 17th-century bibliophile.

Edward Worth (1678-1733) was a Dublin physician and avid book collector. By the time of his death he had amassed a library of 4,500 volumes covering a wide array of topics – medical and science texts, predominantly, but also a selection of the classics, as well as tomes on theology, history and astronomy. (Irish Times) >>>


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