Alcohol as a factor in unpremeditated, ‘random’ violence

Via RTÉ Radio 1 …

Lives ‘ripped apart’ after father killed in assault

“The family of a man who was killed after he tried to intervene in a “domestic” dispute between another man and his partner have said they cannot forget or forgive his killer.

Jonathan Dargan, 49, punched Patrick Mullally in the face at around 4am on Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin, on 6 March 2016

His defence counsel said alcohol was a factor, and that he had drank cocktails and driven drunk that night.

Mr Mullally, 56, had been out celebrating his retirement with family and friends when a cyclist told him he had seen a man acting aggressively towards a woman on Harold’s Cross Road. READ HERE >>>

Paul Reynolds, Crime Correspondent, discusses the case >>>


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