William Petty (1623-87) on what a doctor should be

Quoted in ‘Patients, Potions & Physicians’ by Tony Farmar, p 13

  1. To be a naturalist
  2. To understand the fabric and generation of animals
  3. The diseases and deaths of them, but especially of man
  4. The senses of each disease, in its beginning, its state and determination
  5. The scales of salubrity from air, soil and way of life and extraordinary disorders
  6. The art of comforting and palliating pain and danger
  7. The art of begetting good opinions of himself
  8. The knowledge of all medicaments in use in the place of his practise, and especially of what grows thereabouts, and of the country pharmacopeia
  9. What evils may be cured by the hand
  10. What by diet, airs and water
  11. The proportion of casualties and diseases
  12. To make friends of patients and families and of women midwives and nurses

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