My problem was that I was already in The System. So, how to get out? “The cancer’s gone,” I announced to my family. “The wheatgrass and turmeric worked. It’s gone. Now all I have to do is persuade the doctors to scan me again so I can prove it to them.” I spent the day discussing with them how best to get my medical team to take this miracle seriously. “I’m not going to let them treat me for something that isn’t there,” I said firmly. “Not when the treatment is so toxic. After all, my body is clearly dealing with this. It needs to be left alone now to get on with that job.”

That evening, I met a friend, a medical man, who has a great deal of expertise in this area. He was giving me some advice on radiation side effects and how best to manage them. “It’s ok,” I said, “the tumour’s gone. I can’t feel anything any more. I’m going to ask for a reassessment tomorrow first thing.”

“It hasn’t gone,” he said kindly. “Cancer doesn’t do that. By all means, ask for a reassessment, but it hasn’t gone.” (Irish Independent) >>>