Aoife Moggan’s hospital art

Aoife Moggan has spent most of her life in hospital; since she was diagnosed with a tumour at the age of 12 she has had 10 operations on her spine, and lives in constant pain. She talks to Donal Lynch about her life in the health system – and the extraordinary collection of photographs it inspired.

Aoife Moggan feels uneasy when people tell her she looks great -it makes her wonder if they think she’s in pain. But she does look great, younger than her 30 years – when she’s wearing a hospital gown people have mistaken her for a child. And she is in constant pain, even if she bears it gracefully. As she sits smiling in front of me, her spine, she tells me, feels “like a pepper grinder”. An extra cushion provides only slight relief. Read on at Independent >>>>!portfolio/csac


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