One in three trainee doctors report bullying

The first national survey of trainee doctors has found most are happy with their training, but in one-in-three has suffered bullying.

The ’Your Training Counts’ report was commissioned by the Medical Council and involved 1,636 trainee doctors who responded to approximately 100 questions. The number who responded constitute approximately half of the trainee doctors in Ireland.

There was a dramatic difference in incidences of bullying between the UK and Ireland. Some 33.7 per cent of Irish trainee doctors reported bullying or harassment in their post in comparison with 13.4 per cent in the UK. (Irish Times >>>)


One thought on “One in three trainee doctors report bullying

  1. The numbers for doctors may be lower in the UK, but I imagine this is actually quite under-reported for fear of consequences. In twenty years in the NHS I have witnessed a good deal of doctors bullying nurses, and occasionally other doctors. Bullying also goes on in a myriad of ways within nursing in the UK, and I have both been on the receiving end and witness to it in pretty much all my jobs in the NHS. This appears to be managed by either moving the person laterally through the organisation or it actually being tolerated. I know of some cases where the workplace was made so difficult for the employee that they either put in for a transfer or just left. All the talk is about sickness/absenteeism, but no-one wants to look at just what bullying costs organisations in terms of productivity/losing good people/absenteeism. I bet those stats would be quite scary.

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