Ward was ‘understaffed’ when nurse taped patient’s mouth

A nurse who placed surgical tape over a patient’s mouth was overworked and stressed at the time of the incident, a disciplinary hearing has been told.

Consultant psychiatrist Patricia Noone said the nurse, Bimbo Paden, was working in a stressful environment at St John’s community hospital in Sligo, and one that was inadequately staffed.

Mr Paden told her he put the tape on the patient’s mouth because a patient in an adjoining bed was becoming agitated by the patient’s “constant shouting”.

He had intended to remove it “a few seconds” after he had moved the patient to a chair using a sling hoist. However, another nurse came in and saw the tape in place on the patient’s mouth.

He described to Dr Noone feeling very guilty and remorseful and said he didn’t know what had come over him.

Dr Noone diagnosed depression and anxiety and determined Mr Paden was not an ongoing risk to patients. (Times) >


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