A hotel in Glasgow called the Intercontinental about a year ago, a man was staying there with his son. At the end of dinner one evening the man went up to the maître d, saying thank you for a wonderful dinner. “You’ve probably seen us coming here on a regular basis. The reason I come here is that my son is having treatment for Leukemia nearby. Unfortunately it’s not working and tomorrow we are starting chemotherapy. Tonight we’re going up to his room and I’m going to shave his head completely bald and I’m going to shave my own to be supportive of him. The reason I’m telling you is that I know it’s going to be a bit of a change and a surprise for everyone working here and I wonder would you be able to ask them not to stare when we come down for breakfast.” When the two of them came down for breakfast the next morning, five of the waiters had shaved their heads.