St Patrick’s University Hospital | Mental Health Services

Personal Stories of Recovery

“I do not have a single negative to pass on the time I have spend under the care of the staff of St. Patrick’s Hospital other than to say that it varied between very good and exceptional. The response and respect that I received to my written comments meant a great deal to me. I came to hospital feeling broken and despairing and leave now feeling renewed and well and looking to the future. Thank you “

“My five weeks in St. Pat’s has been an amazing journey. I can’t thank everyone enough. As I can’t meet everyone personally I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge “Thank You”. It is a new beginning for me and I will be certainly talking openly and trying to take the stigma out of mental health.”

“The atmosphere of the hospital is very bright, cheerful and friendly. The staff are excellent, uniformly helpful without exception and a credit to the hospital”

“I was most impressed with the care given to my daughter during her stay here. The ambience in the hospital is relaxed and caring. From the cleaners to the nurses, doctors and administrators everybody is on first name terms all working to a common goal of getting the patients better. Congratulations on a job well done”

“Excellent staff have finally helped me overcome my illness with the correct treatment and also using the recovery psycosis programme which opened my mind to what I suffer from. I have had this for 10 years but now I feel relaxed, free of all fear thanks to the A team. St Pats sets the standard for others to follow.”

“I would recommend St. Edmundsbury Hospital to all my friends and family to heal and recover from nervous exhaustion and breakdown. The staff looked after me very well and the counselling helped my husband and I tremendously. It was a turning point in my life and a good one. I will always have fond memories of my stay here because the overall feeling was of peace.”

“I would like to commend the staff in St. Pat’s. I cannot speak higly enough of their care and compassion for the patients on the Kilroot ward. They have played a very big part in my recovery and I am truly grateful to have met them all on my journey. Thank you one and all. “

“The Cleaners kept my room beautifully clean and the Temple Centre was spotless. The staff were so helpful and caring and gave me as much time as I needed. All in all I was very well cared for. Thank you very much”

“Today I’m sad as I leave ye all, but the sadness is one that I like, Because after 8 weeks on the bay, it’s time for me to take a hike, thanks to all the nurses and students, to the staff in the kitchen and OT’s too, to the lovely ladies who clean the ward, to the doctors where a bond we grew.”

“I had 10 unforgettable days with prime quality care and facilities. Most of all, I’ve met really nice people and hopefully not being wrong made some friends. Good work, keep it up”

“There is a very good atmosphere in St. Patrick’s. Communication is very good between patients and staff and should be maintained on an informal basis. Food is very good and is a very good morale booster for everyone. I would like to thank everyone in St. Patrick’s for input and kindness while I have been here”

“Fantastic Hospital, great facilities, programmes and staff. Keep improving! Loved the art expo spears of daylight, please do another. Well done in prompt follow up on complaint. Please keep twilight programme, very good.”


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