Music Network Seminar, ‘The Wealth of Music and Health’

Performance in the Stroke Unit of AMNCH of Ian Wilson’s ‘Bewitched’ that emerged from his composer-in-residence time there as co-ordinated by the National Centre for Arts & Health (read more here >>>)

Music Network presents ‘The Wealth of Music and Health’ a day-long seminar in Music and Health at the Coach House, Dublin Castle on Wednesday 23 May. Aimed at professional musicians, healthcare professionals and arts and health practitioners, the seminar will present a snapshot of the current music and health environment.

Based on findings from the recent European Music in Healthcare Settings: Training Trainers Programme, ‘The Wealth of Music and Health’ will examine how the new skills and competences acquired through this training programme can affect the arts and health landscape in Ireland. According to Sharon Rollston, Acting CEO at Music Network, “Music Network is looking forward to sharing learning on the latest developments in the area of music and health with our national and international colleagues, and to examining how Music Network’s contribution to professional development for musicians can make a greater impact on the lives of patients, clients, residents and healthcare professionals in Ireland”.  Speakers will include Jenny Elliot, CEO Artscare Northern Ireland; Philippe Bouteloup, Director, Musique & Santé, France; Kevin O’Shanahan, Director Music Alive and Arts & Mental Health Coordinator with West Cork Mental Health Services among others. The seminar promises to be an informative and challenging day of discussion, engagement and inspiration with national and international practitioners and key organisations and individuals involved in this exciting area of work.

The European Music in Healthcare Settings: Training Trainers Programme brought Irish musicians Liam Merriman, Finn McGinty and Gráinne Hope together with six other musicians, three from the UK and three from Finland, to participate in an 8-month, intensive, training programme led by Musique et Santé (a non-profit organisation advocating for the development of live music in hospitals and institutions). The training focused on learning the craft of training other musicians in the skills, resources and policies of this specific area of work.

The music in healthcare settings approach involves a non-clinical approach that advocates for access to high-quality, live music in any healthcare situation and opportunities for healthcare professionals, patients/clients/services users to explore music creatively. The focus of this approach is the well-being of the patient/client/service-user, their relatives, the healthcare professional and care staff operating in a healthcare environment. While some clinical outcomes have been recorded in participants in these interventions, they are considered a boon rather than the objective of the engagement.

For further information on the seminar including registration details visit


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