Mary Loftus went for the music but got education, medicine & the arts…

[From Mary’s blog >>> a post about a concert by Grammy award winning artist, Susan McKeown at NUI Galway]
Declan Ashe of the College of Medicine introduced the event by talking about his own priorities as a patient in our health system.  As a patient, he wants to meet a doctor who has an understanding of the human condition as well as an understanding of the human body; someone who appreciates the healing and therapeutic power of the arts to complement the healing power of modern medicine. In essence, he wants to see more humanity in the practice of medicine.
Medicine & the Arts‘ is a programme that comprises part of the college’s approach to producing doctors like these. For students, it’s a semester of engagement and exploration in a variety of artistic endeavours, including the performance and visual arts, literature and poetry.  Students then draw on their enjoyment of these events to shape practical interventions and these are taken out into the patient community. One outcome of the programme so far,  has been the provision of a library service to patients at the nearby University Hospital – bibliotherapy! [Read on here >>>]

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