Patient narratives: Conor Reidy

ON THE DAY he was born in January 2004, Conor was just on the third percentile for both weight and height. By his fifth birthday in 2009, he had made it up to the 10th percentile, which means only one in 10 children of his age was smaller and lighter than him. While he had a healthy diet, he was always very reluctant to feed himself. Nevertheless, Conor generally had good health apart from an eye infection when he was two years old.

By April 2009, Conor had just completed his second term of junior infants in St Mary’s National Boys’ School, Booterstown. For about two weeks before the Easter holidays, he had complained about relatively mild tummy aches and he had begun to sweat very heavily through his head in bed at night. However, on Good Friday morning in 2009, Conor complained of a very severe pain in his stomach and this resulted in a mid-morning trip to the family GP. From there he was referred to Crumlin Hospital for further investigation. (Read more in Irish Times >>>)

Michael and Gerardine Reidy have written a book in Conor’s name, based on their experiences, A Lot Can Happen in a Year and a Half. All proceeds from the sale of the book will help fund cancer research and treatment at Crumlin Children’s Hospital. >>>


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