Voices of hope in dark times

An hour-long radio play aims to highlight the experience of those suffering chronic illness, writes SYLVIA THOMPSON

CREATIVE WRITING and art workshops in acute hospitals and classical music performances in daycare units have become almost commonplace in Ireland. But a play about chronic illnesses? Now, there’s something new.

When playwright Rebecca Moran was approached by the patient-led chronic disease self-management programme, Ceart PatientWise, to write a play based on people’s experiences of illness, she immediately responded with interest.

Together with Anne Cody from the Kilkenny-based initiative, Moran received Arts Council funding to research the possibilities of the community project. Initially, 18 people volunteered to participate in writing and theatre based workshops to develop a stage play. (Times) >>>

The radio play, A Time for Hope and Desperation, by Rebecca Moran will be broadcast on KCLR 96FM tomorrow evening at 8pm and again on Sunday at 8pm. People in the Kilkenny/Carlow area can tune into the station on their FM band. Those in other parts of the country can listen to it on KCLR 96FM.com at the same time or at any time after the second broadcast.


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