Can art and science bring trauma of suicide out of the shadows?

This was the reaction of one volunteer who took part in an Irish study that aims to combine art with science to bring suicide out of the realm of stigma and bare statistics and up the political agenda. A presentation on the study, entitled Suicide in Ireland: A Conversation and Journey through Loss with Science and Arts , was brought before the Joint Committee on Health and Children last week.

“This is a project about bringing the private, traumatic loss of suicide from the kitchen tables around Ireland to create a meaningful platform to discuss and articulate this loss in a place beyond stigma,” Prof Kevin Malone of St Vincent’s University Hospital and the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science told the committee.

Prof Malone and co-researcher and artist Seamus McGuinness described the study as a combination of a “psychological autopsy” of those who had died through suicide by speaking to their next-of-kin, and a “visual-arts autopsy” in which images and items associated with some of those who had lost their lives were collected and used as part of an exhibition. (Times) >>>


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