In the press

Profession must get more professional > As an educator, he emphasised the development of “the professional self” in students; the internalisation of the values and virtues of medicine as a calling. In the past, this supposedly occurred by osmosis, part of a student’s informal curriculum. Now, it is formally taught, but there is also recognition that a “hidden” curriculum, based on how students interpret what they see, also exists. >> Irish Times

Ireland’s first dedicated residential treatment centre for eating disorders opens today > “Statistics say 200,000 people are suffering with this illness in Ireland,” says Teresa Moorhead, Lois Bridges’ director of clinical services. “And of all the psychiatric diagnoses, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate. There are 80 eating disorder-related deaths a year in Ireland. But it doesn’t make the front pages of the newspaper.” >> Irish Times

Having a baby will now cost you up to a staggering €4,000 a night in the exclusive Mount Carmel Maternity Hospital in Dublin, new figures reveal, nearly 25 times the cost of a standard room in the upmarket Four Seasons Hotel. >> Indpendent

THE act of organ donation is an example of human kindness in its purest form. In emotionally charged circumstances, grief-stricken loved ones of an organ donor make the altruistic decision to save others while at the same time losing a life that is precious to them. >>> Independent

Doctor says mass screening and drugs would stop spread of HIV in five years >> He described working in a clinic he ran outside Soweto several years ago. He found that 85 per cent of women under 25 coming into the clinic tested HIV positive. >> Irish Times


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