(From the British Medical Association http://www.bma.org.uk/careers/becoming_doctor/entry/studyingmedicinewithdyslexia.jsp)

Medicine is a demanding subject, requiring a lifelong commitment to learning and hard work. Its practice is a combination of science and art. Knowledge of science forms the foundation for understanding the cause of the illness. The art is combining this knowledge with clinical judgment to determine a diagnosis and management plan.

Studying in a competitive field such as medicine can be a daunting challenge. For individuals with a learning disability, such as dyslexia, the ability to cope with the transition to an independent learning style can carry additional difficulties. However, it is important to remember that dyslexia is not a barrier to becoming a doctor and these difficulties can be overcome with appropriate support.

These guidelines aim to answer questions, provide information and quash myths. They are relevant for students already at or applying to, UK medical schools; or for medical students who think that they may be dyslexic.