Caesarean section rates

Madam, – I wish to respond to your article on Caesarean section in Ireland (HEALTHplus September 8th). I have grown increasingly weary of the constant subtle attacks by some midwives on consultant obstetricians in this country. Regardless of the allegedly high rates of Caesarean section in Ireland, the fact remains that this country is among the safest places in the world for a woman to give birth. Since the development of the active management of labour in Dublin in the 1960s, Irish obstetricians have gained an international reputation for clinical excellence.

There are few fields of human endeavour where Irish professionals can be said to have led the world, but this is truly one of them. Unfortunately, some midwives appear incapable of acknowledging these facts. Rather than focus on the outstanding record of Irish doctors, and the hundreds of thousands of healthy women and babies that have resulted, they instead choose to constantly snipe at rates of Caesarean section.

This self-serving approach is insulting to many of Ireland’s finest doctors. Their outstanding work should be acknowledged by all health care professionals.

– Yours, etc, Dr RUAIRI HANLEY, Francis Street, Drogheda, Co Louth.


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